Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn Pattern


Shirt: Tobi; Jacket: Topshop; Trousers: Lavish Alice; 
Shoes: ASOS; Beanie: Forever 21; Sunglasses: OASAP; Bag: Wicker Wings*;

This is one way I have styled the Wicker Wings bag. I feel quite edgy with this outfit! Most of the items were purchased a year ago. It's always nice to find some old pieces in the wardrobe, especially ones I've rarely worn.

Has anyone been watching The Apprentice? This year's contestants seems to talk the talk but not walk the walk. They all seem weak, even I can probably do a better job without a business background or knowledge. Years of watching this, I think I've got the grasp of it and know what Lord Sugar is looking for.

I currently have an addiction to scones with jam and clotted cream so I will be ending this blog post now and get back to eating them. Nom. Yes, before bed too.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid


Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid: around $68.00 HKD


This may look like bags for feet, what the heck, they are. It does have a fabric lining on the inside to enable the liquid, that you pour in, to be soaked throughly enabling the feet to be soaked all around. The liquid had a cooling sensation and it felt like wet socks, literally. There was a slight chemical scent, similar to acetone I'd say. There is alcohol and salicylic acid so if you're sensitive to either of the two ingredients, don't use it. I am able to tighten bags to make sure no liquid comes out but I still was cautious when I walked.

The recommended soak in time is between 1 and 1.5 hours. At first, I thought the feet would soak the liquid fully therefore leaving it on for 2 hours instead. Once the 2 hours are over, the feet had to be cleaned thoroughly to remove the liquid then it's the waiting game for the peeling.

3 days later, there were some sight of peeling on the bottom of my feet. From day 4, that's when it got more interesting. The skin was peeling like crazy at the bottom of my feet as well as the top of my toes. It was messy and disgusting. They don't recommend peeling the skin off, just to let come off naturally. In the end, I can see the dead skin in my socks. It was like the aftermath of sunburn without the pain. It was a painless procedure. This carried on for the next few days with the dead skin decreasing. I didn't want to photograph this and upload it as it would probably put me off my food if I was reading this. There was no peeling on the top of of my feet.

A week later, it seems that the peelings have stopped resulting in smooth, soft feet. Definitely an intensive exfoliation. Highly recommended. I would definitely do this once every month or whenever I need to prepare my feet for the summer which isn't any time soon right now. As this is hard to get hold of in the UK, eBay would be the best bet to order.

What are your thoughts on this foot peeling mask?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Things I Like #15


Illamasqua Nude Lipstick in Minx and RosepoutTosowoong Spot Pore BrushTosowoong Clean Pore BrushAnastasia DipBrow PomadeKlairs Gentl Black Sugar ScrubOCC Conceal;
I still have a gift card to spend at MAC and was looking online at the products and swatches and nothing really spoke out to me. These days, I don't spend money on makeup, just clothes and shoes. With makeup and skincare, nothing out there really wanted me the part my with money bad as I'm just sticking to the same routine I have. Does anyone else go through this? I still have a lot of products to test and review, maybe thats why. My to do list is never ending...

Saying that, my wish list items are makeup and skincare that stand out from every corner of the internet. I don't have the urge to purchase these but will purchase them if I run out of something I use on a daily basis.

What's on your wish list?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gameboy Child


Jumper: Oasap; Shorts: Oasap; Coat: Ark; Shoes: New Look; Beanie: Forever21;

Currently at home home as I have the week off work which means hello beach! You would think that living by the coast, it would be cold but it actually wasn't. Some cities are colder than the coast strangely enough.

I am loving this coat from Ark. As this is boyfriend fit, it drowns me a lot as my colleagues would say but hey it keeps me warm. That's all it matters right? But it doubles up as a blanket too. I have used it for that purpose at work before, curling up on my seat after a heavy night and covering myself with the coat. My office does get cold so it will happen more often and also I'm known as the girl who has her coat on all the time, literally. I kind of had a little mishap with my out of office email. Oops.

I know you cannot see the jumper properly but how cool is it?! A Gameboy Classic design. Bringing back my childhood. This makes me want to dig out my old Gameboy Classic and games and start playing it. The fond memories and I've read that it's 25 years old, older than me! Oh wow.

I've just had deja vu whilst writing this.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wicker Wings



I've got an outfit post coming up at some point on how I styled this bag. But first, this is a Wicker Wings introduction post.

I had the opportunity to meet up with James (one of the founders) for coffee to talk about his business and vision. Bless him for driving all the way from Liverpool. Wicker Wings is an exciting new business with a sustainable social mission. This mission is to help improve the quality of education in China and to inspire a child, thus creating the bag for bag mission.

What exactly is this mission you speak of?! When you purchase a bag, you will also be donating a bag of inspiration containing a book and note with a meaningful quote (which you can write) to the children. You will also have donated money to their non profit partners, The Library Project, who will donating books and libraries to underprivileged primary schools. A unique business model isn't it?

Discussing the business with James was very interesting! I saw how passionate he was and this was inspiring. It's always nice and refreshing to see how others are truly passionate for the right intentions and not just about the money. There is an actual meaning behind the business, a rare attribute nowadays. I also had learnt something new. He had also showed me photos of his business travels and the development of it, something I haven't seen before. It's intriguing to see what happens behind doors.

The bag I have is the Blake Grey*. Each bag is named after someone inspirational. There are currently two bags available to purchase but they are looking into releasing more colours as well as more designs in the future. The first impression I had for this bag was how sturdy it actually is! The body of the bag is made of high quality rattan, something unique and a first.

The quote note I had given was "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity." This is something I live by and is close to my heart. I wanted to give a quote that was meaningful not only for the children but to myself as well. It makes it more special. I will be supporting this business as it is something I can genuinely relate to and is for a good cause regardless. Now I need to get the bag back off my sister.

Do check out Wicker Wings: for more information and also The Library Project: