Friday, 22 May 2015

Trends I've Never Followed #3



Flared/Bootcut jeans/trousers - I have read that they are great at making the legs look longer but for me, the 70s trend isn't really my thing. I will end up constantly tripping whilst wearing them. I'd rather stay away from the embarrassment and bruises too.

Dr Martens boots - They're too chunky for my liking. I didn't like them when they were the trend back in the 90s. I have heard that they are very comfortable however not my style.

Fringing/Tassels - Not my thing. It seems like its out of place and makes the item look unfinished. Plus knowing myself, the tassels will get caught on something, tugged, ripped off, everything.

MAC Fluidline - I remember this being the cult classic years ago. It was "the" product of the year, or years. I saw reviews and tutorials left and right. Those were the days where I had thought I'd never spend that much on an eyeliner. Even to this very day, I still wouldn't purchase this due to the reviews I've read. Even if it has high praise, it doesn't seem to be that good with oily lids.

CC/DD Creams - After the BB cream saga, I gave up in trying products like these and decided to pass on the CC and DD series. Don't really have high hopes and will be sticking with my foundation instead.

Are there any trends you didn't follow?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Top Pink Nude Lipsticks for Spring



You can never go wrong with a pink nude lipstick. Suitable all year round but I seem to wearing it a lot more during Spring for some reason but it's a good thing. Trying to use up my lipsticks before I purchase more but we all know that never happens. These four are my current pick me ups (swatches L-R):
MAC Brave
Essence 07 Natural Beauty
Essence 05 Cool Nude
Illamasqua Minx
I will wear these to work, it's become a habit. I tend to wear Illamasqua if I have to make more effort in my appearance and have plans after work. I would definitely recommend this shade if you are wanting to slowly step into brighter shades. This gem is a definite pick me up and you need it in your collection. Whereas for a general working day, I will pick the other three shades at random and don't look back. I must say, Essence Cool Nude is my favourite. It is the pink shade I have been searching for all these years. It's THE ONE, THE ONE! Oh yes I must stress this out. Forever repurchasing it. I will have a review up for this at some point.

What's your current lipstick shade you're wearing?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer



Yes you have read it right. You can now get your hands on Make Up For Ever easily in the UK now as it is launched in Debenhams online and is available in the London Oxford Street brand. I had purchased this from Sephora whilst I was in Paris and it had still worked out slightly cheaper than purchasing it here in the UK due to the weak Euro. I had asked the makeup artist which shade would suit me for my under eyes. Without a second thought, she had instantly matched me with 05 - Vanilla. I did question her as it did look too light but then told me that it will darken. In the end, the colour match is perfect. It had even matched my skin tone. 04 - Flesh would have been a tad too light for me.

You only need to tiniest amount to cover the eye area and the tube will last you ages. Even for a full face, you don't need loads to get great coverage yet I wouldn't say it has full coverage. A light is what you really need and doesn't feel heavy but you have to be careful when building this up, it will end up looking cakey easily. The consistency is thick yet creamy but it is easy to blend out. Using the patting/dabbing motion would be your best bet. Some may find it too thick and heavy for the under eye but it's all about personal preference nevertheless, you can always mix it with other products. It covered some blemishes amazingly and on some, just average which I find odd.

You can see in the photos above, it is light and has a yellow undertone but it will oxidise as it dries. I believe it's the same for every shade they carry for this so do be aware when deciding on your shade. In Debenhams, there are 8 shades available but there are more in Sephora in the USA and France. The shade doesn't get darker the higher the number so do be aware of this too. Some people may need to mix two shades together.

This needs to be set with a powder otherwise it will transfer, smudge and crease. Once set, it will last all day on my oily skin even if the oil control is average, but am not entirely sure on the waterproof aspect of this though. This isn't drying whatsoever and doesn't dry to a matte finish even if it states it does. It will suit all skin types and is oil free. I can definitely say it didn't break me out nor accentuate dry patches. The squeezy tube is hygienic and easy to use, enabling you to control the amount you need.

I like this but don't love it. I'm just going to use this for under the eyes. I'm currently in two minds about repurchasing this but the tube will last me ages so I can justify the expensive price tag for now.

Have you tried any Make Up For Ever products?

Friday, 15 May 2015



Bottom Row: Topshop; H&M; H&M;

All from ASOS
1; 2; 3; 4; 5;
6; 7; 8; 9; 10;

I had started looking for new bikinis as I am going to a spa next weekend for a lovely bank holiday break. And of course, looking for some had resulted in me crying in a corner. Joking. But it did make me reminisce all of the hot sunny holidays and the beaches I've been to as well as my recent trip.

Looking at bikinis online is starting to become an addiction. Once I buy one, I will be wanting more. I've noticed that I have a certain style - bikinis that has an interesting cut and shape and or unique prints. I want them all but not enough holidays left to book off work. Can always daydream I guess. Sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, drinking cocktails, oh how I wish I was doing these right now. Work hard, play hard as they all say!

Do you have any upcoming holidays?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yes, I've Caved #3



I thought this picture at the Louvre in Paris was very appropriate for this post as I had never thought of doing a photo like this before.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow - This was on my wish list ever since it was welcomed in the beauty blogger world. I had finally purchased it mid last year and I haven't stopped using it ever since. I will have a review up very soon!

Leather skirts - I remember the H&M pleated leather skater skirt that started the whole trend. I didn't get my hands on them but I did get the Primark version. Then the obsession had started from there. I currently own leather skater skirts, midi skirts, biker skirts, skorts, just leather skirts. They are definitely my most worn winter pieces throughout the past few years.

BB Creams - I have tried these before they had existed in the Western market. As they were huge in the Asian market, I have tested a variety and didn't find a great BB cream to love. I have tested the Western market and still don't see the hype. Still looking like an oil slick after a few hours even if it states that it controls oils. Never testing one ever again.

MAC Soar & Brave - The Kylie Jenner lip. The Illamasqua lipstick in Minx had started my obsession with the whole nude-rosy-beige coloured lipsticks. I started to explore the shade spectrum ever since and had come across this famous duo which resulted in a big hunt for them. I have yet to use them. I didn't see the fuss about them in the beginning.

Rose gold - Rose gold jewellery, rose gold nails, rose gold everything. It's such a pretty shade. I'm instantly attracted to anything rose gold. Let's just stop here before I mention rose gold again.

Did you cave into any of these?