Friday, 17 April 2015

Bending at the Louvre


Top: Love Clothing; Disco Pants: Missguided; Shoes: Public Desire;

Please excuse the quality of the last photo. My mum took this photo on her phone and I thought it'd be great to show the outfit I was wearing as I didn't have any. Yes I did photoshop it to blur out everyone in the background and cropped my sister out too.

I would never have thought that doing a backbend would attract a lot of attention. People clapped. I was embarrassed but I did want a random photo. Being a gymnast has it's perks, take a lot of random photos wherever you go! Also, being silly at the Louvre seemed like the normal thing to do. Or my view on silly is different to others but hey, I enjoyed myself and had fun! That's all that matters right?

I saw the Mona Lisa painting in the museum. It's definitely remarkable. Got a lovely haul post coming up next. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Eiffel Tower


Top: Zara; Skirt: Zara; Jacket: Zara;
Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Hat: H&M; Necklace: Lavendar Moon;
Bag: H&M; Shoes: Zara;

This was day 1 of Paris. I miss it already as I'm already back in the UK. The Eiffel Tower was the first pit stop and would never had expected it to be packed with tourists but then again it was the Easter weekend. Feet are all blistered from the walking. We ended up walking up the Eiffel Tower as my sister had misread a French word and thought it mean lift. Let's just say, it was tiring.

We had walked up to the first floor, then the second but I am thankful that the third floor wasn't open or there was no steps leading up towards it. Walking up was fine however, heading back was scary as I was scared of height. Beautiful views of Paris at night but I do recommend getting the lift up regardless.

I'm currently back tracking my blog posts as the iPad didn't 100% work properly whilst I was doing some tasks. I fancy a croque madame or a croque monsieur right now. I love the french cuisine and patisserie.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My MAC Quad



Yay for more neutrals and I'm not even bored yet. I wanted a palette that was more compact and would use all of the shades. I find that I don't use all of the shades in any of my Naked palettes or other neutral palettes I have. It feels like a waste.

I'm the type who likes to plan things early, be organised otherwise I'd be stuck in the store for hours being indecisive. It also helps me come to a decision which I tend to stick to most of the time. I did some research, looking at many swatches for many neutral shades and have decided on choosing Era (all over lid shade), Wedge (transitional), Espresso (eyebrows and lid) and Embark (crease, lower lash line, outer corner), one satin and three matte shadows. I think I've got all my bases covered for creating a day as well as a night time smokey look.

I had assembled the palette together once I got home, like a kid with a new toy to play with. I think my ultimate question right now is how to get the eyeshadows out if I want to swap pans? This should be fun. I want to fill up a 15 pan palette now. Too many shades I want.

Have you customised any palettes (MAC or not)?

Friday, 3 April 2015

East Side Gallery


Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Zara; Jacket: Ark;
Hat: Sister's; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Shoes: Public Desire; Bag: H&M;

Guten tag from Berlin! Have been here for 3 days now and let's say I'm already sick of schnitzels and pork in general! Loving the history lesson whilst exploring the city. I've always found the German history interesting and have learnt so much in two days. Will be here until Sunday and there are still plenty of places to visit and to indulge myself in more history.

These photos were taken at East Side Gallery, looking at the art and graffiti on the Berlin Wall, both sides of it. There are many beautiful artwork produced and have even seen someone spray painting their mark. I have opted to wear a midi skirt for a change, something new to me and went for a causal all black look, except for the coat. It feels like I haven't left the UK because of the weather I'm currently experience. It's even snowing here and I'm not prepared for it whatsoever!

Hopefully Paris would be a tad warmer and less windy. Accuweather, please don't let me down, it all looks positive to me at the moment.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ray Ban Aviator Classic



Sunglasses are slowly becoming an addiction. Shoes, bags and now sunglasses. I only own 3 pairs including this but I keep wanting more after this purchase. People may think, everyone has Ray Bans, what's so special about them? Yes it may be popular but as my mum says, invest in some better quality sunglasses as your eyes are very important and those high street ones aren't good enough.

I wanted a classic piece, one that would suit everything then thought these classic aviators would be the best option. It may seem like I'm being boring, following the crowd etc but Ray Ban as a whole is known for their history of the aviators as well as their quality and protection. In other words, they know their stuff. It's a brand I can trust to protect my eyes. Deciding on the colour of the lenses was the hardest decision but have opted for the classic green which looks black as well. I wanted to customise it myself as well but it didn't happen. It's going to be my everyday pair. I want the other designs now. Bring on summer!

What's your current favourite pair of sunglasses?