Friday, 11 April 2014

Achieving Volume on Day Old Hair



Who would have thought that achieving volume on fine, thin hair would be impossible? Being one of those fine, thin hair gals, I have been testing so many products and techniques to achieve the big hair oomph and for it to last for over 6 years. I do find that it is easier to achieve volume on day old hair rather than freshly washed. I guess this is the same concept as curls lasting longer.

For freshly washed hair, I do like to use rollers, volumising mousse and a teasing brush. This will be explained in another post at some point as to how I do it at some point. For a day or two old hair, maybe three, hair products is all you need and maybe a hint of teasing. I use:
Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume - Soaks up the excess oils whilst giving volume for a good amount of time however not long enough by itself.
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray - Great to use after Bastiste to make the volume last longer.
Teasing brush - If you have stubborn fine, thin hair, add a little bit of light teasing to the roots. 1 to 2 strokes maximum. There are days where I don't require teasing. Is it strange that I can feel whether I need to tease or not?
Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray - To set the teasing.
Are there any volumising products you would recommend?
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare



I don't usually fake tan due to previous dreaded orange experiences thus being the first fake tan product I've tried in over 8 years. As you can see from the before and after image of my legs above (please excuse the bruises), I am naturally pale and using this tan gave me a healthy colour and glow which I actually like. This is a rare occurrence for me due to not suiting a tan. Weird?

The product has a slight red undertone which will give the skin a great bronzed look especially if you're wanting that hot, sun kissed, European tan. There is a hint of colour when it was first applied then he colour will intensity over 3 hours and develop for a maximum of 8 hours. The above is the result of this after applying a thin layer. The colour can be buildable but I do prefer it like this, leaving me an even and streak free result. I find that it lasts a good 5 days with good care and doesn't become uneven when fading.

This is a foam texture making applying the product quick and easy as compared to cream based products as well as quick drying without leaving a residue. I was able to wear clothes once I'm done without staining my clothes or bedding. Like any other fake tan products, it will cling onto the dry patches therefore leaving a patchy result as well as emphasising the dryness. My legs get dry easily so I do need to ensure that they are well exfoliated and moisturised a day before applying.

This product is paraben free meaning that there isn't any preservatives. The pump mechanism makes it easy to control the product amount. There is a biscuit like smell. Not nice yet not disgusting. It isn't strong so if you're sensitive to smell, this won't bother you. I like this product and would start tanning a bit just to add some colour. Don't worry, I haven't left my legs like this.

Have you tried any fake tan products?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eat a Lot. Sleep a Lot.


Jumper: Etsy; Shorts: Shelikes*; Belt: Forever 21;
Shoes: Zara;

Eat a lot. Sleep a lot. A slogan that near enough everyone lives by right? I had posted the jumper on my Instagram and many people liked it. I had first saw this jumper on Tumblr and had to go on a search for this exact one, leading me to Etsy. It is available in other colours and it was a hard decision. If you don't have an Etsy account, you can buy it from eBay here which is the same seller as Etsy.

These shorts are from Shelikes and had never expected the shorts to be this high up, thinking it was hard to style especially due to the colour. Mom shorts, as these are called, are bigger in fit but I guess that's what mom style is like. For £20, the quality is decent for the price. I need more tops to suit this which means shopping time on my next pay day. How can I forget belts too. Can't wait to wear it more in the summer.

Will have to do a haul post very soon, preferably before I fly off next Sunday for a week and a half. Also, I need to do a lot of schedule posts. That's what this weekend is for. Where is my motivation at?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Born Pretty Paris Eiffel Tower Nail Stickers



Nail art is one of those that relies on patience. There is a shortcut which are these ready made full nail stickers. These particular ones from the Born Pretty Store, have a unique design as compared to the patterned ones you see in store. With the Paris theme, you have the generic images relating to Paris making it quite exquisite. These designs are cute but can look a bit tacky.

I've never used any full nail stickers previously but these aren't hard to apply. Very easy actually. Each set consists of 14 nail stickers with 7 different sizes. You can tear them apart individually to make the application easier. Peeling the transparent film at the front then carefully peeling the nail sticker from the paper back will reveal a sticky back to adhere to your nail. Applying them onto my nail couldn't be any easier.

Carefully sticking them onto the nail and pressing them down to prevent any creases. For my first attempt, it was pretty good if I must say. Not perfect with a few "bubbles" and minor creases. I had used my nail clippers to get rid of the excess. The sizing fits fine but the shape can be a little bit off for a few nails next to the cuticles

The sticker quality is quite good. Has a slight plastic, vinyl feel believing it will last a decent time. After the first day, I cannot see any wear and tear but on day 2, it's starting to peel from the top of one nail. Some lasted up to 4 days with heavy use and had survived well after having contact with water. For $1.99, these are pretty decent and gave me a good first impression.

Have you tried any full nail stickers before?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray



I haven't actually noticed products like this until it appeared on my Blogger dashboard and the Twitter raves. Anything that relates to having big hair, I'm there purchasing it. This isn't a hairspray like product. It's a dry spray without leaving a sheen. This promises giving big hair look without the back combing damage.

I love big, big hair so I have high expectations for this. I have tested this with both back combed and flat hair. On flat hair, I have sprayed it onto the roots on freshly washed and second day hair, and ruffled it in. It gave me a natural looking volume but not as big or high as I had hoped or liked. Unfortunately the volume didn't last and my hair was flat after a few hours. Disappointed.

As with back combing my hair first then spraying this, it gave me better results. Longer lasting volume however it isn't exactly back comb free. I prefer using this to set my teasing areas rather than the usual Tresemme freeze hold hairspray. I do love to spray this lightly and quickly on my hair then scrunch it to give more texture in general, meaning it'll work great on curled, wavy hair.

This doesn't leave the hair feeling crispy, sticky, a white cast or a sheen however it is drying. With a quick, dry formula, you are needing to work fast. Use too much and it feels like a hairspray. This smelt like your typical hairspray but with a hint of fruity perfume scent. For £6.99, I would repurchase it again but it is too over hyped.