Thursday, 2 July 2015

Etude House Silk Scarf Double Hair Mask



With dyed hair, having dry hair is the bane of anyone's life. Etude House has a product which is suited for permed or dyed hair, to promote healthy texture and shine in your hair. I haven't seen a product like this before and thought it'd be great to test out.

Each packet contains the hair treatment and the hair cap. You apply the treatment after towel drying your hair then pop on the cap, relax for 10-15 minutes, then wash off. The treatment itself is thicker than your standard conditioner. It had a floral scent which wasn't overpowering. I did find it was enough for my long hair. The cap itself was meant to be covered in some sort of hair renewal essence but it felt dry when I had unfolded it. Not sure how if the treatment was meant to activate this?

Using this had left my hair feeling soft, smooth and a lot more manageable however lacked in volume. It did weigh my hair down. I wish I had used this on the bottom half of my hair, concentrating on the ends where it needs it the most. I can't comment on how long this feeling lasts as I did have to wash my hair the next day. The joys of a very oily scalp! If you're lacking in volume, this isn't really the one for you. I believe you can purchase the treatment separately too.

I did think this was some innovative product but it's nothing really special. I get the same results as if I was using a hair mask treatment. You could just use your standard conditioner, put a shower cap on then relax for 20 minutes. It'll give you the same results in my opinion. For this reason, I personally wouldn't really repurchase it as it is a tad on the pricey side just for the one use.

What's the best hair treatment you've used?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Trek Protein Flapjacks Mixed Case



I find it hard to get my daily protein intake but it's always nice trying to find ways to help me get closer to my daily allowance. I do snack a lot and most of the snacks I eat doesn't really have nutritional value to help me with my eating habits. These protein flapjacks seems like the ideal healthier alternative.

Trek protein flapjacks has 6 flavours: original oat, oat raisin, morning berry, cocoa coconut, banana break and cocoa oat. Each flavour has 9 or 10g of protein. These are delicious but there is one I'm not too very fond of. They're not dry or oily as compared to many flapjacks out there and cure my sugar craving whilst filling me up. They go down like a treat! My favourite flavour out of the six would be the original oat. My least favourite is the cocoa coconut as I'm not a coconut fan myself.

Each bar has 9g or 10g of protein as well as 12g - 14g of sugar each which I think is not bad considering other protein bars I've read in store has higher. If you are watching your sugar intake, these wouldn't really be ideal unless you exercise it off. They are gluten and wheat free with no artificial nasties. They're great before or after a workout. The calories of each bar is between 208 and 234 which some may find a tad high but when you know your daily intake, you'll be able to easily add this in as a nice treat without having the cheat feeling.

I tend to have these when I'm constantly on the go with no break or for breakfast if I don't have time. I don't eat these everyday as it can workout to be on the expensive side. A box a month or a month and a half sounds ideal for me. You are able to buy each flavour individually or if you prefer to mix it up, this mixed case would be you best choice. In each box, you get 16 bars and they would be great in your cupboard.

Do you like flapjacks?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist Mini Haul


VS Fragrance Mist in Coconut Passion, Passion Struck, Total Attraction: 3 for £25


Every time I step into a Victoria's Secret store, I immediately head to the beauty section and start sniffing the body mists. Thinking about it, I haven't actually browsed the rest of the store, ever. I tend to go around in circles, sniffing each scent at least 3 times, deciding which one's I would purchase. I have tried the body care but I prefer the body mists a lot more as the scent lasts longer.

After some deliberation what seems like I've spent an hour in there, I had decided to add these to my collection:
Coconut Passion - vanilla and coconut
Passion Struck - fiji apple and vanilla orchid
Total Attraction - cherry orchid and lily blossom

I did think about purchasing the body mists from the PINK collection but there are so many choices. Next time I definitely will. I love how all three are definitely summer fragrances and feel light on the skin. I love to spray these on my hair too. The best thing about these body mists is that I can layer one scent on top of another. At the moment, I love the combination of Coconut Passion and Passion Struck - the warm coconut and vanilla with florals cutting through, making the warm scent lighter. I'd definitely layer a lot more when my collection expands.

Do you have any Victoria's Secret body mists?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser



I've been looking for the ideal make up base suited for oily and spot prone skin. All primers I have come across only claims to mattify and it either breaks me out or the oil control was disappointing. I needed to expand my horizons and not specifically look for primers. After being recommended this, I had decided to take the plunge. I haven't stopped using it ever since.

I don't suffer from large or noticeable pores therefore I cannot comment on the main feature, minimising pores. When applied to the face, avoiding the eye area, it sinks in well and leaves a smooth canvas, ready for makeup. There is a slight refreshing feel and is also not heavy on the skin. A little goes a long way with this and have noticed if you rub it into the skin too well, it will start to rub off.

I haven't seen this aggravating spots that were already there nor has it broken me out. I'd like to think the tea tree oil in this helps this. It doesn't dry out my skin but it sometimes accentuate some dry patches I may have. It doesn't bother me as oil control is my number criteria. I just make sure the dry patches are moisturised well. This doesn't have the greasy, silicone feel like primers have. The tea tree smell isn't as strong as the other products within the range. I quite like the smell myself. If you're not too fond of it, it will disappear shortly after.

I apply this after moisturiser then wait a minute or two before applying makeup. Once I'm dolled up, my skin is oil free for the rest of the day. I could go through a working day without blotting. Make up is still intact and is the best make up base I have ever used.

I would definitely repurchase this 100% and keep repurchasing it. If you're oily and have spot prone skin, I highly recommend this.

Have you tried this primer before? Are there any primers you are currently loving?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer Leg Preparation with Nair



Summer is just about to arrive and it’s about time. I’ve been hiding away in my big coats and knits. Yep, you’ve read it right! It’s about time the legs had their moment to shine during the day and to catch a little bit of colour. I love to get my legs out. It’s the one body part I have the most confidence in and throughout summer, I’m always in skirts, shorts and dresses but of course, after hiding them behind trousers and jeans for the past 10 months, it’s about time they got some proper summer preparation.

The foundation of having silky smooth legs is exfoliating once a week. This allows the dead skin to be removed, allowing the moisturiser to penetrate deep into the skin and making them soft and glow. Next up would be shaving. I’ve used an epilator for the past year but it is time consuming. Who has time these days? Products like Nair Argan Oil will make hair removal a breeze and will not take up a lot of your time. You can read more about this product range here. Afterwards is the moisturiser. With no contact with the sun, I tend to use a body lotion that has some tanning properties to add a hint of colour.

This is my typical weekly morning routine for the summer and I am always left with silky smooth skin. I always ask people to feel how smooth my legs are. Not strangers, nor random people by the way! I’m not the only one who does this right? This foundation always makes me feel a lot more confident and I can wear anything I like without having to worry about dry skin or stray hairs. My winter skin care would usually require an extra moisturising step.

Nair is raising awareness on the positive feeling and effect we get when we have smooth skin. We all feel a lot more confident don’t we? Share what smooth skin means to you by using the hashtag #SkinByNair on Twitter.

Sponsored by Nair.