Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Desigual Fun Perfume



Desigual is a Spanish fashion brand I have heard of before and have seen it's stores whilst in Spain. They have their own range of fragrances and this is one of them. This is a part of their Sex, Fun and Love range where each perfume is designed by different perfumer. Fun is designed by Christophe Raynaud of Givaudan, known to have designed many scents for brands such as Paco Rabanne, Celine, Kenzo etc.

Fun is a fruity floral scent, with the top notes consisting of juicy cranberry with mouth watering nashi pear and white peach; at the heart, exotic passion fruit, pretty violet and peony; and with the bottom notes of bright santal and teak wood. Upon initial spray, there is a whiff of alcohol but it will evaporate and leave a slight sour scent which will phase out into a lovely fruity concoction. The main note I can smell is the juicy white peach from the initial spray to the settling down. There is a slight hint of the violet and peony but it's barely noticeable. This is more on the fruity side but it doesn't make you smell like food and is not overly sweet.

I would say the scent is more aimed at the younger females but if you love fruity scents, this is the one. This definitely is a fun, happy scent, easily a summer scent and will make you feel young at heart. Unfortunately, fruity scents isn't something I would go for. I don't dislike it but it's not to my taste and gives me a slight headache. If you're looking for something that is more sexy and or classy/mature, stay away from this. I love how the packaging reflects the fun theme as well as the lid having decorative textile top.

Have you tried any Desigual perfumes?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Nail HQ



This primer contains Pentavitin, a "Moisture Magnet" with a unique Biotin & calcium complex to properly cleanse and prepare the nails before the application of polish or artificial nails. It will also help strengthen cuticles. The package instructs you to apply one coat, let it evaporate fully then apply another coat. When I have opened it, there is that typical strong nail polish scent which didn't phase me.

Once it has evaporated, it will leave a ghostly white effect on your nails but this will disappear when you apply a base coat/nail colour. It evaporated very quickly. I wasn't exactly sure whether my nail was meant to feel smooth or not like how face primers works. The texture was the same as before the primer was applied but it did help the nail polish/base coat to go on a lot smoother. Do not apply this over broken skin, it will sting.

I wouldn't say this is a base coat product but you can use it like one. It didn't help make the polish last longer. In terms of whether it helped nourish my nail, it's hard to tell at the moment as I'm not constantly using it especially if I have polish on.

My nails are prone to breakage nowadays so I am in need of some TLC for them. This all in one contains argan oil and mineral complex for the dry, brittle, soft and weak nails. It helps provide moisture and to also help prevent brittleness and breakage and make them flexible. Moisturise, condition and strengthen.

When I grow my nails and have decent length, they will break and bend and it can be painful at times. I'm always on the look out to strengthen my nails and this sounds like it has the answer. This has actually helped my nails from breaking over time. It definitely feels stronger but it does require time to see the results as it's unfortunately not an instant result.

This can be used as a base coat or on it's own. When used on it's own, it gives off a semi matte finish. It may look blue in the bottle but it's actually clear. Just like the primer, it does have the typical polish scent. I have used this as a base coat and didn't find it helped my nail polish last longer than usual nor did the polish go on smoothly as I had hoped. On one nail, it started to chip the next day and the rest started to chip as the days went by. I would rather use this on it's own.

The full Nail HQ range can be found in SuperdrugAmazon and in Tesco.

Have you tried any Nail HQ products?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kelly Brook Audition No.1 Eau de Parfum



Audition is Kelly Brook's third perfume release. It was launched last year and described as "Intoxicating with a hint of ripe freshness and a shock of green that’s like a big bunch of freshly cut flowers covered in morning dew. With a middle strength that brings joy and light, combined with voluptuousness and that hint of animal passion." Sounds lovely doesn't it?

Upon the first spray, I can smell patchouli straight away and it does remind me of freshly cut flowers but with a hint of herb. I'm not too fond of this but once it fades, it leaves a beautiful soft, sweet, floral and fruity concoction. The amber, vanilla, benzoin and musk helps warm the scent. The top notes consists of watery apple, dewy fruits, melon and bergamot whilst the heart notes consists of wisteria, iris, heliotrope and patchouli. It's such a feminine scent, leaving you feeling womanly and classy. I would say it's suitable for the younger audience too.

The scent is light however I do find the lasting power average. It is suitable for the summer and daytime use is you're not wanting an in your face scent. The vintage packaging is inspired by the Art Deco of the 50s with a rosy tint and rose gold detailing. Great Gatsby comes to mind! It goes well placed on top of my Muji acrylic drawers. I would recommend this if you love warm scents.

What's your favourite scent at the moment?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Just Eff It


Top: Rad; Blazer: H&M; Jeans: H&M x Alexander Wang;
Trainers: Nike Roshe Runs; Sunglasses: Primark;

These days, I’ve been living in the Nike Roshe Runs. They are way too comfortable but don’t do too well in the rain. I need to start cleaning the white soles when I have time. But first, this tee I’m wearing. I definitely thought it was appropriate to match it with the Roshe runs. I've been wearing similar outfits to this to work and I still consider it being my lazy, go to outfit. I am so tempted to get the Nike Air Max Thea. Me want!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Trends I Did Before They Bloomed



This had randomly popped into my mind. I was looking at the past and current trends as well as looking back at old photos. When the two came together, I had realised I wore certain trends way before they became big in the world. They weren't trends back in the days. Oh yes I'm a trendsetter. Jokes!

High waisted skirts - During secondary school, I had worn skirts that were too long for me therefore having to roll the up and they ended up resting on my waist. Especially those P.E. skirts. I did get bullied for wearing high waisted skirts. I remember to this very day, I came out of the sports hall and as I was heading to the changing rooms, I could hear one guy saying he could see that I had worn my P.E. skirt around my waist to the people he was with and laughed. It didn't phase me one bit. I didn't want to wear a long skirt whilst I'm running around. Also, I didn't want to waste my breath. Now I'm seeing high waisted skirts everywhere.

Over the knee/knee high socks - This was also in secondary school and did get bullied for it. I had worn white over the knee/knee high socks during the first two years but then transitioned into wearing black ones in year 9. Then I started seeing more girls wear them. Didn't get bullied after everyone else was wearing it. Score! I had worn them outside of school too with shorts, skirts, dresses, basically everything.

Ear jackets - I had worn these during my university days. I had a pair I had purchased from yesasia which was in the style of Boa, a Korean celebrity. It was the only pair of earrings I would ever wear but then lost them during my second year. Sad days indeed! I couldn't purchase a replacement as it wasn't being sold anymore and no where had sold earrings this style until last year. I had completely forgotten about it until it was sold everywhere. Nothing can ever replace my beloved old pair though.

Contouring - Before Kim K made contouring cool, I had always contoured since second year of college. But my contouring was bad and not the correct colour. I did "rock" the terracotta shade for who knows how many years then finally came to my senses after graduation.

I did think about posting photos of me with these trends however I don't want these to surface around the internet especially my secondary school photos. Last time I had posted an old photo, there was a lot of things said and a lot of controversy so I am not risking this again as it did affect me a lot.

Did you wear, purchase or do something before it blossomed into a big trend?